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If you have ever seen me race or do a long cardio workout, you will have surely seen me carry about some “secret sauce” in a water bottle. Part of that great mix is a wonderful electrolyte product, Rehydrate. For years we have heard the importance of electrolyte replacement when excessive amounts of sweating is involved. Gatorade (which was actually designed for the Florida Gators as “sweat water” to replace what they were losing) is the big company on campus. They have the advertising budget and elite athletes (they find it easy to support a product when they make millions even if they don’t use it) to make the biggest splash (one of Rehydrate’s spokesmen is Drew Brees and he doesn’t get paid to endorse the product). But when I choose fuel for my body, I couldn’t care less if Dwayne Wade and Kevin Durrant use it if there is a better/healthier product available. Welcome to Advocare’s Rehydrate.


Many of you fitness gurus are familiar with the love/hate relationship that is the Burpee. Many mainstream fitness enthusiasts or workout newbies may not be familiar with this full body movement so I thought we had better shed some light. While there are many variations of the burpee, make no mistake- THERE IS ONLY 1 WAY TO DO A COMPLETE BURPEE. This will serve as the GOLD STANDARD in measuring how many burpees you can do (or better yet, this is the only way you can perform a burpee penalty for failing an obstacle at Spartan Race).

There are a few essential positions/movements that are critical in the full burpee movement.


IMG_1595This is sort of a precursor post to what I hopefully is a sort of email interview with one of my fitness icons Joe Desena. For those of you that do not know Joe, he is the founder, owner, and the man behind the brand of Spartan Races. I was fortunate to spend most of a weekend getting drilled by him about a month ago in Milwaukee and Chicago for a 2 day Spartan public training.

Day 1: Miller Park Meet & Greet
I was able to be a part of a small group (Thanks Eric Z.) that received free suite tickets to a Milwaukee Brewers game on a Friday night to meet with Joe before our training on Saturday. Those of you that know me know that I am not a big sports spectator. Especially for a slower moving game like baseball. I prefer to be a part of the action instead of a bystander. So I wasn’t really excited about the game as I was stoked to get an opportunity to spend some time with Joe and other Spartans.


Even though I belong to 2 health clubs (and one of them is a huge chain that get access to all their locations), I still find myself doing several workouts at home. They are quick, easy, and offer an alternative to traditional equipment. In order to keep the cost of my home gym down, I often find myself building the tools that I need.

The slosh pipe is a tool that was introduced to me at the 2013 Indiana Spartan Sprint. A fairly simple construction grade PVC pipe was laying motionless on the ground at one of the vendor booths. A guy instructed me to pick it up and do as many overhead military presses as possible. With those instructions I prepped myself to pick up a very heavy pipe. To  my surprise the pipe wasn’t that heavy (maybe 50+lbs).


Part of Change Your Fitness is to evaluate both mainstream and non-traditional workout tools. Today’s review, The Body Wrench, is the Swiss Army Knife of recovery and doubles as an innovative workout tool.

My first experience with The Body Wrench was last month in Milwaukee during the Spartan Race Workout Series beach workout with Spartan Race founder, Joe Desena. Before this wicked 2+ hours of functional training started, I found Joe off to the side squirming on the ground. Before I could must up my best “ants in your pants” joke, Joe handed me this thing that looked like one of those soap box race cars that you make in 3rd grade (but made of hard rubber). Now I must be honest that I am already enamoured with how Joe carries himself and the Spartan brand so I would have done pretty much anything that he suggested.

So I a positioned the wrench under my mid to lower back and got ready for more instructions. But nothing else came from Joe. I looked over and I could tell that his Body Wrench was doing some miraculous to him and mine was just laying there. “Uhh Joe, I think mine is broken” I said trying not to sound too moronic. He said to roll around until I felt a knot, then to cross my arms on my chest, wait 30 seconds, then start to gentle pulsate on that spot. “Uhh Joe, how do I find a knot” I asked. With a huge grin on his face he replied, “Oh you will know.”


I think Change Fitness is all about getting outside the box when it comes to fitness. With that in mind, I chose to complete my first ever Zombie themed 5k race. Run For Your Lives (RFYL) is an apocalyptic inspired flag football game. The rules are simple: you get three flags (your life support) and you must get yourself and that life through the course while movie quality Zombies try to eat your brains (well at least they try to take your precious flags)!

My first race would also include fellow Corn Fed Spartan, Amber. We decided that the Boondock Farms in Knightstown, IN would be as great of a place as any to test our Zombie survival skills. While I am by no means a “rookie” in obstacle course racing (OCR), this race was going to be much different than any that I had done.


I’m not sure yet what this is or what this will become, but I think that it is important for us to talk fitness, figure out innovative ways to incorporate fitness, and redefine what fitness is.

I am open to suggestions, will respond to thought provoking questions, and look forward to having fun. This page will include both traditional and non-traditional workout suggestions, equipment reviews, nutrition suggestions, fitness adventures, and other fun and useful fitness related topics. If you would like to be a part of the Change Your Fitness team, then email me (devonbrownonline(at) a short bio and a few topic ideas and we will roll from there!

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–Devon Brown