Tool Review: The Body Wrench

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Fitness Equipment
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Part of Change Your Fitness is to evaluate both mainstream and non-traditional workout tools. Today’s review, The Body Wrench, is the Swiss Army Knife of recovery and doubles as an innovative workout tool.

My first experience with The Body Wrench was last month in Milwaukee during the Spartan Race Workout Series beach workout with Spartan Race founder, Joe Desena. Before this wicked 2+ hours of functional training started, I found Joe off to the side squirming on the ground. Before I could must up my best “ants in your pants” joke, Joe handed me this thing that looked like one of those soap box race cars that you make in 3rd grade (but made of hard rubber). Now I must be honest that I am already enamoured with how Joe carries himself and the Spartan brand so I would have done pretty much anything that he suggested.

So I a positioned the wrench under my mid to lower back and got ready for more instructions. But nothing else came from Joe. I looked over and I could tell that his Body Wrench was doing some miraculous to him and mine was just laying there. “Uhh Joe, I think mine is broken” I said trying not to sound too moronic. He said to roll around until I felt a knot, then to cross my arms on my chest, wait 30 seconds, then start to gentle pulsate on that spot. “Uhh Joe, how do I find a knot” I asked. With a huge grin on his face he replied, “Oh you will know.”

I started to roll around, found a what would turn out to be tiny knot, and stopped. No big deal so I just laid there in wait. Joe asked if I found a knot yet and I replied, “I think so.” With another grin he said to try again and that I will know when I find a knot. Then BAMMMMM! I found a knot. It was the same sensation that I get when my massage therapist finds one of those knots and digs in. It is one of those “hurts so good” feelings where you know the temporary discomfort is met with bliss afterwards. From that point I was hooked.

So the next week when I got home, I was called by one of the owners of The Body Wrench (I found out that Joe had reached out to him personally and said to call me. Talk about great customer service). He went over the wrench more in depth, how to use it, hooked me up with a discount code for friends and family (more on this at the bottom of the post), and offered to send me a demo version to let others try.

One week later I was like a little kid at Christmas (though I’m sure my mail man doesn’t want to be referred to as Santa). The Body Wrench arrived. Now other honest admission is that my flexibility is terrible and I have paid the price for my lack of stretching. This is what most likely piqued my curiosity about the wrench. So I opened the box, ready the getting started guide, and popped in the DVD that came with it. After about 15 minutes I was in bliss from feeling knots break up all over my body 🙂

So what is The Body Wrench? It is a recovery and strength tool that was designed to be reconfigured to meet the specific needs of each muscle group. It primarily focuses on breaking down the lactic acid buildup (the knots) that result from activity and injury. Many will have some experience with this theory with tools such as foam rollers, massage pressure points, etc. This wrench literally replaced my roller, my frozen golf balls, and my lacrosse ball that I use to get knots out when I’m hurting. This is huge for me because I never use these other things since they are a hassle to lug around (especially the roller). I just throw the wrench in my workout bag and I’m good to go. Takes me about 15 mins per day and I can already feel the tension easing. The Body Wrench is already a huge hit with my massage therapist and chiropractic friends! I haven’t used the Body Wrench for exercises yet, but I will be sure to post when I do 🙂

So I told the guy from Body Wrench about my idea of Change Fitness and he said I could keep the demo to let people try out (which works great on OCR’s) and he set up a 20% off discount code for me to give people. This code is “devon20” and can be used at checkout on their website. So check it out and let me know what you think!

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