DIY: Slosh Pipe

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Fitness Equipment
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Even though I belong to 2 health clubs (and one of them is a huge chain that get access to all their locations), I still find myself doing several workouts at home. They are quick, easy, and offer an alternative to traditional equipment. In order to keep the cost of my home gym down, I often find myself building the tools that I need.

The slosh pipe is a tool that was introduced to me at the 2013 Indiana Spartan Sprint. A fairly simple construction grade PVC pipe was laying motionless on the ground at one of the vendor booths. A guy instructed me to pick it up and do as many overhead military presses as possible. With those instructions I prepped myself to pick up a very heavy pipe. To  my surprise the pipe wasn’t that heavy (maybe 50+lbs).

The guy could tell I was a little surprised with the lack of weight so he grinned and said not to underestimate the weight. Soon enough I figured out what he was talking about. The pipe was only about 50% full of liquid. While this kept the weight down, it was extremely unstable. The water was sloshing about inside….hmmmm that is why it is called a slosh pipe….My core was engaged, my shoulders were on fire from having to slow and control the weight, my sides kept contracting just to balance the pipe as the water shifted weight from one side to the other. It was a simple yet challenging workout.

So this past weekend I decided that my home gym needed a slosh pipe. I YouTubed some fairly easy instructions (Here is a link to the video I like) and went to Home Depot to pick up the supplies- 10′ Construction Grade PVC Pipe (available in either 4″ or 3″ diameter), a slip on cap, a female connector, a plug, and a PVC primer/cement package. The only real tool that is required is a reciprocating saw if you plan on having a tube less than 10′ long. The supplies will run you between $40-50 if you are buying all brand new.

Assembly is very easy:
1. (Optional) Cut pipe to desired length
2. Lightly sand or wire brush one of the ends and apply a generous amount of primer about 4-6 inches (a little longer than the length of the slip cap). Also apply primer to the inside of the cap. I also put a quick second coat on the tube to make sure I didn’t miss any spots. Let it dry for 10 mins.
3. Apply the cement in a similar fashion to the primer. Do this very quickly as it dries quickly. Push the cap on (I used the floor to make sure it was all the way on). Then let it dry with pressure against the cap (I put the cap side down and stood it against a wall). Let it dry for 10-15 mins.
4. Repeat steps 2&3 using the female adapter in place of the slip cap to the opposite end of the pipe (Important note- DO NOT PUT THE THREADED PLUG IN THE FEMALE ADAPTER UNTIL AFTER YOU ARE COMPLETELY FINISHED). Let it dry for 2 hours to completely cure before adding water.
5. Fill the pipe about 50-60% full and insert the plug (Tip- Use pliers or channel locks to tighten the plug. If you put a little bit of lubricant on the end it will snug tighter and come apart easier when you take it apart).
6. Now you can start exercising with your very own slosh pipe.

IMG_1754Personally, I own a 5′ (3″ diameter), a 5′(4″ diameter), and a 10′(4″ diameter) set of pipes. The 3″ fits my wife’s hands better and is easier to remove the need for as much grip strength. The 5′ w/ 4″ diameter is an awesome alternative to a sandbag or ruck sack for hikes. It is also great for arm exercises like curls and presses. My 10′ is used for legs (squats, lunges, atlas carries, etc). It is very hard to manage but a very challenging workout. If you are planning on transporting your slosh pipe then length will also be a factor.

Here is a link for a few basic slosh pipe exercises: LINK

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Please post comments with any questions or with any useful exercises that you have come up with. I also have 1 extra 5′ 3″ diameter pipe available in the Indy area for $50 if anyone wants to arrange picking it up 🙂

Thanks again for stopping bye. Now go get your fitness on and Change Your Fitness!!!

  1. Most awesome thing I’ve seen on WordPress today!!

    • Thanks! I hope you add a slosh to your workouts soon. I have heard of people adding then to things like Insanity and P90X if you are ready to give it a go.

      • Sounds like a great idea. I get to add my too favourite passions: exercise and DIY!

        I love the gym but seeing posts like this are great – just shows you don’t need 100 machines with every dumbell to get fit! Just the right techniques, a sloshpipe and some kettlebells and you’re well on your way!

  2. Jeff Barnes says:

    Love my slosh pipe!!! Thanks again!

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