Sports Drinks ARE NOT Created Equally

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Nutrition
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If you have ever seen me race or do a long cardio workout, you will have surely seen me carry about some “secret sauce” in a water bottle. Part of that great mix is a wonderful electrolyte product, Rehydrate. For years we have heard the importance of electrolyte replacement when excessive amounts of sweating is involved. Gatorade (which was actually designed for the Florida Gators as “sweat water” to replace what they were losing) is the big company on campus. They have the advertising budget and elite athletes (they find it easy to support a product when they make millions even if they don’t use it) to make the biggest splash (one of Rehydrate’s spokesmen is Drew Brees and he doesn’t get paid to endorse the product). But when I choose fuel for my body, I couldn’t care less if Dwayne Wade and Kevin Durrant use it if there is a better/healthier product available. Welcome to Advocare’s Rehydrate.

Want a visual to better understand the comparison? Well here you go:

A few key factors for me is less sugar, less sodium, and more Potassium. Also notice how much stuff that Gatorade neglects. I want fuel when I workout, not a flavored drink that only brings me the basics.

Before anyone says that they are very similar, there is one more thing that I want to point out. I mix one serving of Rehydrate with a bottle of water. When you buy a bottle of Gatorade you will notice that the label states that it has 2.5 servings. Now I don’t know about you, but there is no way I am going to feel refreshed with only about 40% of a bottle so you really need to multiply Gatorade’s label by 2.5 in order to get a better feel of what is going into your body. Yeah now talk to me about sodium, sugar, and carbs!!

The biggest reason for this difference outside of the manufacturer’s preference is method of delivery. Rehydrate come in a pouch (or canister) as a powder form that you mix with water. It doesn’t require a lot of sugar to keep it sweet and it doesn’t require a lot of sodium to improve shelf life. Gatorade is under the assumption that everyone is too lazy to mix the ingredients up at time of use so they make it pre-made. Well I find the pouches to be very handy (I keep a few in my car, my gym bag, and in the pantry) and more importantly I don’t have to stress about harmful chemicals being released a plastic bottle when I leave some Rehydrate in my car.

The other sweet thing about Rehydrate is that they have a gel pack! The gel offers me an opportunity to get refueled while out on the coarse or while on a long run. I have not perfected the art of leaving water around my neighborhood and I hate to slow down for a water station when at a race. So I tuck a few of these bad boys in my runner belt and use them when my body is screaming for help. I also like to refrigerate a few for a tasty snack at home (tastes like lemon meringue pie 🙂

If you are ready to order your own Rehydrate, then use this LINK HERE FOR POWDER FORM and this LINK HERE FOR GEL FORM.

If you want more info or would like to be mailed a sample, then complete this form (Your information is kept confidential and is private):

For all you volume users like me, the company offers a Discount Membership where you minimally save 20% off Rehydrate and all of their product lines. Email devonbrownonline(at) if you would like info on how to set up a discount membership.

So work up a sweat into a lather and refuel with the drink that best fits your needs!! If you have used Rehydrate, then post comments about your favorite flavors or how you use it 🙂

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