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If you have ever seen me race or do a long cardio workout, you will have surely seen me carry about some “secret sauce” in a water bottle. Part of that great mix is a wonderful electrolyte product, Rehydrate. For years we have heard the importance of electrolyte replacement when excessive amounts of sweating is involved. Gatorade (which was actually designed for the Florida Gators as “sweat water” to replace what they were losing) is the big company on campus. They have the advertising budget and elite athletes (they find it easy to support a product when they make millions even if they don’t use it) to make the biggest splash (one of Rehydrate’s spokesmen is Drew Brees and he doesn’t get paid to endorse the product). But when I choose fuel for my body, I couldn’t care less if Dwayne Wade and Kevin Durrant use it if there is a better/healthier product available. Welcome to Advocare’s Rehydrate.