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Part of Change Your Fitness is to evaluate both mainstream and non-traditional workout tools. Today’s review, The Body Wrench, is the Swiss Army Knife of recovery and doubles as an innovative workout tool.

My first experience with The Body Wrench was last month in Milwaukee during the Spartan Race Workout Series beach workout with Spartan Race founder, Joe Desena. Before this wicked 2+ hours of functional training started, I found Joe off to the side squirming on the ground. Before I could must up my best “ants in your pants” joke, Joe handed me this thing that looked like one of those soap box race cars that you make in 3rd grade (but made of hard rubber). Now I must be honest that I am already enamoured with how Joe carries himself and the Spartan brand so I would have done pretty much anything that he suggested.

So I a positioned the wrench under my mid to lower back and got ready for more instructions. But nothing else came from Joe. I looked over and I could tell that his Body Wrench was doing some miraculous to him and mine was just laying there. “Uhh Joe, I think mine is broken” I said trying not to sound too moronic. He said to roll around until I felt a knot, then to cross my arms on my chest, wait 30 seconds, then start to gentle pulsate on that spot. “Uhh Joe, how do I find a knot” I asked. With a huge grin on his face he replied, “Oh you will know.”